Energy Drinks and Weight Loss – The Missing Pieces

There are many benefits of avoiding energy drinks as part of the weight loss process. Current research contradicts previous assertions that the artificial beverages aid workouts. Previously missing pieces of information indicate that more natural alternatives effectively keep up energy levels during workouts and aid weight loss.

Ingredients in energy drinks vs. natural alternatives

Store-bought energy drinks typically have high levels of sugar and calories. These components contradict a healthy diet. To lose weight, consume fewer calories, dieters who consume the products therefore have to exercise harder and longer to burn off the large amounts of corn syrup contained in the drinks.

Beverages with more natural ingredients are healthier ways to keep to your diet in check and actually help you lose weight faster. The alternatives are easy to make yourself by combining fruit juices with herbal teas, green teas, or carbonated water.

The sugars in these tasty drinks are naturally occurring which is better for your body and have lower calories. Consume fewer calories and you have a lower number to work off along your weight loss journey.

Maintain high energy levels with natural drinks

Another disadvantage of energy drinks is the high levels of caffeine that cause sharp dips in energy levels soon after consuming the beverages. The high artificial sugar levels of the drinks raise energy levels when initially consumed. The problem is that this rise of energy is short-lived.

The initial rise of caffeine follows with a crash of energy as sugar levels drop. The drinker is left feeling lethargic and now has little energy to continue the workout.

Drinks that contain natural ingredients eliminate energy crashes. These beverages provide a more consistent level of energy that keep people motivated longer during workouts. In turn, the workouts are more effective and weight loss follows.

Herbal teas are a great alternative to an artificially sweetened energy drink. Create the healthy drink in a pitcher with ice cubes and add sliced lemon for a refreshing chilled beverage. Consume the natural alternative during a workout to provide energy to power through the exercises.

Caffeine levels and calories are lower in natural beverages than energy drinks. Beverages that contain naturally occurring sugars of fruits and teas are healthy to drink and provide consistent energy levels for the body during workouts. Energy drinks stunt weight loss while healthy alternatives actually aid the diet process. The missing pieces of successful weight loss are now one-step closer to being complete.