Fighting Acne with the Neutrogena Skin ID Online System

It’s exciting to buy a new acne product hoping that it will provide you with the clear skin you’ve always wanted. But it can be absolutely demoralizing when you realize after a few weeks that you’re no closer to your goal. It’s extremely common to have to continually suffer with acne despite the use of the most popular commercial products around. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have a cure for acne yet and sometimes you have to go through a process of trial and error to get the right combination of products for your skin. In the past, you had to do this by yourself but now Neutrogena Skin ID offers a great system to help with the process. Neutrogena has been in the skincare game for a long time, and they already have several great products in their line of acne treatments. But now they’ve concentrated their efforts to offer this revolutionary system that adds a level of customization like no other treatment out there.

The First Step – Currently Neutrogena Skin ID is only available online and through their official website. It takes about 2 minutes to sign up and register, after which you have full access to their overall assessment. It’s basically a questionnaire that features information that any dermatologist would ask. Everything is laid out in a user-friendly format and completing the assessment is not unlike taking a quiz for fun on a social media site. Of course the main difference is the answers you give will be used to determine an acne treatment program tailored specific your situation.

The Assessment – You’ll start off the assessment with basic questions related to your age and gender. Then it gets a bit more involved and focuses specifically on how your acne manifests itself. You will need to give information about the biggest problem areas, your past history with blackheads and acne, and your specific skin type. You will also be asked questions related to lifestyle such as whether or not you smoke, your sun-tanning habits (if any), and how much stress you experience on a daily basis. The Results – After a few seconds, the computer will take your given information and recommend a series of three products that will make up your treatment system. Even the most popular acne products like Proactiv don’t offer an individual approach like this. While the three step system seems to be standard these days, rarely do you get each individual product prescribed directly for your skin. And even if you don’t choose to buy the products, taking the assessment is actually a pretty educational process that gives you an indication of what factors to think about when dealing with acne.

The Products – The products themselves are incredibly effective on their own, and even more powerful when used together according to directions. As mentioned before, Neutrogena knows what they’re doing when it comes to skin care and they are able to combine effective results with a gentle approach for daily use. Buying this system also gives you access to even more features on their website which include the ability to post on their chat forum where you can get your questions answered by a real dermatologist. All of this makes for a nice level of customer care that gives you full value for your money, especially when you consider the overall effectiveness of the treatment.