How to Reduce the Effects of Menopause

Bioidentical hormone therapy involves attempting to replace the hormones that are missing the body with specially compounded hormones that have been designed to match the individual chemistry of the patient. The therapy is largely used to help reduce and relieve the common symptoms of menopause in women. Part of the reason that bioidenticals are popular is because the tailoring of the hormones to the chemistry of a single person is purported to make them safer and more easily processed by the body. There are several benefits that come from bioidentical hormone therapy.

Fewer Side-Effects

One of the reasons that bioidentical hormone therapy was initially developed was to help reduce the side-effects that often occur during traditional hormone replacement therapy that uses generically produced compounds. Some of the side-effects of standard replacement therapy include bleeding, tenderness, fluid retention and gastrointestinal problems. A bioidentical hormone still carries a risk that most of these side-effects will occur including rare problems with the heart. The risk is thought to be reduced, however, because the chemistry of the body is taken into consideration when creating the bioidentical hormones.

Increased Mental Acuity

The concept that bioidentical hormones fit better into the receptors in the body than synthetically produced hormones means that some protection is provided to the brain. The therapy helps to slow the natural degeneration of the neurons and regulates the wildly varying levels of hormones that affect the brain because of menopause. This results in better memory and an increased ability to concentrate on important tasks. The regulation of the hormones in the body will also help to relieve the symptoms of severe depression that are associated with menopause.

Increased Energy

The hormonal changes that occur in women who are experiencing menopause affect the entire body. This can disrupt the normal chemical processes that convert foods into energy. The effects of depression and hot flashes are also draining. Bioidentical hormone therapy restores the levels of different hormones in the body to the levels that existed before menopause. The body is then able to produce and store energy more efficiently. It also helps to relieve other symptoms that can result in lethargic behavior or pain. The result is that a woman who is taking bioidentical hormones will have more energy and fewer reasons to avoid normal activities.

Relief Of Menopausal Symptoms

Bioidentical hormone therapy will dramatically reduce the effects of menopause. This includes reducing excessive menstruation and decreasing the frequency of hot flashes. Replacing hormones in the body has the added effect of returning the libido of the patient to the levels that were normal before menopause started. This is complimented by relief in other areas that might have been preventing normal sexual activity.