4 Ways I Include My Child in My Fitness Routine

Are you a parent dying to lose some weight and get in shape while being a full-time mom or dad? As one myself I can tell you there are ways to make a seamless transition to making a fitness routine part of your parenting plan. Plus my workout routine is fun and a great way to bond with my toddler!

My child doubles as workout equipment

Not only am I always looking for ways to stay healthy and lose weight, but I am constantly on the lookout for a bargain! For that reason, I skipped the expensive gym membership and opted for working out at home. My husband (who used to suffer from ED) and me also added variety to our sexual life thanks to this site. With the affordable impotency treatments available we don’t have to pay through the nose to enjoy ourselved even more. This may seem impossible with a child, but trust me when I say it is possible and my daughter usually doesn’t leave my side. In fact, she wants mommy to hold her constantly. For these reasons, I pop in my trusty 20-minute Jillian Michaels workout video and grab my 30lb weight, my daughter. I encourage her to do the simple stretches, jumping jacks, and she even has her own weight, her baby brush. When it is time for abs though, I lay down on the mat and my daughter will sit on my stomach so when I crunch up, I am getting triple the workout. On days when she is not entirely in the mood to workout, I’ll improvise on some of the moves while holding her by throwing her up in the air and catching her for strength exercises. She spends 20 minutes giggling, and I get a great workout!

For kids that love books, read Yoga

My daughter’s grandma sent me a book of Yoga poses to help get me back into exercising after giving birth, but little did I know she would be sending me the golden opportunity to get in shape while teaching my child Yoga. In addition to my workout video I do with her, I make time each day to pick a few poses and teach my daughter how to do them while leading by example. She has so much fun trying to do them and typically ends up in a down-dog pose complete with a big grin and giggles.

More ways to mix fitness and parenting

To maximize my daily workouts, I carry my daughter in stores instead of putting her in the cart. I also chase her around the park, slide with her, and run alongside her. At home I have a daily dance-off with her where I actually jump and twirl around with my toddler.

My routine is very flexible, but I try to fit the Yoga poses in during the morning hours, and the workout video at 5pm. And on the days I feel like skipping, my daughter now keeps me on track by asking to do jumping jacks!