Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

We’re always trying to justify eating potentially junky foods by touting one positive quality of it. I’ve had to reinforce a food’s solitary positive quality by saying “these chips are gluten-free” and “at least it’s diet.” Luckily, chocolate has real healthy benefits which include lowering blood pressure and lowering the risk of cardio metabolic disorders like heart disease and diabetes.

Nearly all types of chocolate have healthy-improving and safe qualities that most people don’t know about. When I say all types, this includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and cocoa. So why leave yourself with a good taste in your mouth. When people ask why you’re eating so much chocolate, you’ll have the sound satisfaction of telling them it is for lowering your cholesterol reducing risks of stroke and heart disease.

Chocolate has polyphenols, flavanols, and antioxidants which are important for the body. Polyphenols have soothing effects that help in preventing inflammation in the body and at the same time reduce joint pains. Flavanols are strong antioxidants that take care of free radicals which case accelerated aging. Flavanoids also increase nitric oxide production which reduces blood pressure and help in balancing some hormonal reactions in the body. More specifically, chocolate can improve these five major areas.

For Flawless Skin

Chocolate introduces flavanols in the bloods which act as antioxidants. These antioxidants protect your skin from harmful effects associated with UV light by increasing blood flow and the skin moisture content. This functional effect goes a long way as hydration the skin and increased blood flow keeps the skin looking beautiful and healthy.

Support Your Intestines

Chocolate flavanols inhibit protect called CFTR which causes secretion of important intestinal fluids that promote regularity. Additionally, chocolate contains fiber which can help as a laxative leading to more intestinal movements that keep your dietary track fresh and clean.

Elevates Your Mood

When you’re feeling low, ever notice how much pulling out the carton of chocolate ice-cream can make you smile? Next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, melt some chocolate in your mouth to see how well it works on your mood. Chocolate has phenethylamine, a component that triggers the release of endorphins which causes excitement in your brain pleasure center. This release of endorphins creates a feeling similar to what you feel when you are in love. You could say that we’re all naturally in love with chocolate.

Promotes Brain Growth

Chocolate flavanols increase blood flow to the brain allowing new cells and blood vessels to be developed in your brain. As your brain receives more nutrients and is allowed to grow, your brain’s capacity improves.

Studies show that healthy amounts of chocolate will improve your health. Chocolate helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, the chance of heart disease and the threat of stroke.

The reasons discussed above are very encouraging to many chocolate lovers, however; don’t get carried away. Overdoing it with chocolate can mean more harm than good since chocolate is typically also rich in calories, sugars, and fats. As with any nutritional item, balance is key. After all, if an ounce or two of chocolate a day can keep the doctor away, I may be able to put the apples back on the shelf.